Start-up of the Month July: Randbee Consultants

August 2018



Protect your skin with Earth observation data!

Randbee Consultants, a consultancy company from Málaga, Spain, and a current Copernicus Accelerator mentee, is working on a project that is highly relevant nowadays: The protection of our skin. This project, Sunglint, has been created by a team of data scientists from Randbee Consultants, whose goal is to protect the environment and our skin against the effects of pollution. The Sunglint team has developed the skin ageing index tool: Its mission is to raise awareness that the pollutants and the UV rays in the atmosphere can seriously damage and age human skin. At the same time, the tool recommends the best protective measures to decrease the damaging effects on individuals and the environment in general.


How does Sunglint work?

Sunglint’s skin ageing index is based on data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), focussing on specific skin-damaging pollutants and UV rays in the atmosphere. This dataset is analysed by the tool and the results are shown as an index. Worldwide and hourly updates ensure that, no matter where you are in the world, the tool will detect your location, inform you about the current risk level your skin is exposed to and how best to combat these risks.

The skin damage classifications for the pollutants are based on values advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). If individuals do not use the correct skincare products, they not only risk damage to their own skin, but also damage to the environment.

How to best protect your skin and the environment

It’s a well-known fact that you should wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun and its harmful UV rays. However, a lesser-known fact is that the majority of sunscreens nowadays are of a chemical nature. These chemical ingredients can not only affect the environment, but also your skin’s health.

Recent studies have highlighted that the chemicals found in standard sunscreens are leading to the destruction of coral reefs and exacerbating coral bleaching. When it comes to human skin, chemical sunscreens have been found to deliver their chemical ingredients into the skin and other tissues in our body (amongst many other issues), in some cases doing more harm than good. One solution that could reduce the damage to the environment and to human skin is to use an eco-friendly, mineral-based sunscreen. These are typically considered a safer option and do not have such a huge impact on the environment or on human health.

What’s next?

After having recently launched the Sunglint website, the team’s next goal is to test the target market and the level of interest from prospective customers, whilst validating its business idea and engaging with potential stakeholders. A questionnaire on Sunglint’s website gives potential customers the option to receive more specific skincare regimes and products related to their exact skin type, age, gender, etc. Sunglint works with skin specialists and dermatologists to ensure that users of Sunglint have access to the latest information and provides advice on skincare regimes accordingly.

Sunglint’s mission is to address the damage that skincare products are doing to the environment and promote the use of products that are natural and environmentally-friendly. By promoting alternative skincare products and natural remedies, the team at Randbee Consultants hopes that society will realise that everyone can contribute to a better environment and that each of us can make a difference just by choosing the right products to buy.


You can find the latest news on the Sunglint website and follow the inspiring start-up on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Words from the Mentor

“I accepted this project based on a strong belief in the Sunglint team, which shows ambition,  drive and the correct professional insights. I also see important commercial and social impact potential for the Sunglint project.”

Maarten Laga
CEO at Flemish Acceleration Platform